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Mold Making
Our core competence is mold making.We focus on small to medium moulds up to 1500x900mm in size up to 10 tons.We utilize LKM,Meusberger,Hasco and DME steel and standard components,viton O-rings,Hasco standard nipples,grease and glue for plugs.Typically, we use Hasco cope nozzles unless otherwise requested.For complete hot runner systems we have used Synventive,Hasco,Moldmaster,Thermoplay and Yudo.Sunstrong Mould understands customer requirements are not all the same andremains flexible to meet specific requirements.For example:ESU specific steel for inserts,special etching,interchangeable inserts or using specific hot nozzle/runner system.

Sunstrong Mould places great value on employee training and retention.